What We Have To Offer


Grounded in design and project management, Greco Interiors offers a full range of design services from concept to execution and styling. We work collaboratively with architects, industry trades, retailers and manufacturers to deliver the seamless execution of projects that allow clients to thoroughly enjoy their space.

Space Planning

As one of the fundamental steps in the design process, space planning is the allocation and division of interior space. Homes are our single greatest investment but so often we see only a fraction of the available square footage being used effectively because of poor layout, with the most important rooms having an inadequate allocation of space. Using design tools, we can create the optimal layout so you’re enjoying your entire investment and ensuring flow and visual lines.


A picture is worth a thousand words! Renderings are a 3D image that show scale, colours, texture and materials which help the designer, client and trades speak the same language and demonstrate the desired visual experience. Renderings serve as an excellent communication tool, they allow visualization of the end result and enhance understanding of how the solution will appear once complete.
rendering of living and dining room

Kitchen & Bathrooms

We’re obsessed with creating the perfect kitchen and bathroom that will exceed client expectations. Kitchens and bathrooms are a source of pride for homeowners. Unlike other rooms in the house, these spaces require the most planning and detail to ensure the best function and style. There are many elements that have to work together in order to realise this cohesive vision including millwork, appliances, fixtures, lighting, tiles, stone and accessories. These elements go beyond functional needs and come together to create the sanctuary (bath) and gathering spaces (kitchen) that my clients dream about. There’s a reason why kitchens and bathrooms make a home, they are an expression of personal style and priorities and they are luxurious focal areas of sophisticated homes.
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Featured in Consumer Reports, Kitchen Planning and Buying Guide

Décor & Styling

A space only looks inviting and complete after all the décor and styling pieces are integrated.

Project Management

In addition to Interior Design, I am a project management professional, PMP certified with 20 years’ experience managing projects. I have established and proven methods to move projects through completion. My 360° approach when building design solutions is based on collaboration and communication to ensure all the moving parts come together to achieve the best solutions and meet client expectations.