Hopson Grace (Designer Spotlight): Roseann Greco



Roseann Greco didn’t begin her career as a designer. After 20 years of project management, she parlayed her award-winning corporate life into a second act. As founder of the Toronto boutique design firm Greco Interiors, Roseann is known for her residential work featured in publications such as House & Home, Consumer Reports and Houzz. Inspired by the belief that a person’s surroundings directly influence their quality of life, her intelligent, sophisticated interiors have not gone unnoticed. We recently asked Roseann what fuels her work.

HG: How would you define your style?

RG: Today but timeless. I prefer cohesive, intelligent designs that are magazine worthy and comfortable. I’m guided by what I love and what I believe will delight my clients for years to come. I particularly like incorporating architectural details that create layers of beauty and function. It’s an approach my clients appreciate as it really stands the test of time.



HG: When did you first become interested in design?

RG: Fashion, design and all things beautiful have always been an interest of mine. My strength is the balance I have between creative and analytical skills.  My practical side directed me to a project management career in the retail and healthcare industries, though my passion for design and interiors was never far from my mind. Even after achieving executive-level success, I spent my free time designing spaces by combining modern and vintage elements to make them uniquely personal and functional. The skills I developed in the corporate world have come in handy, as I’m able to work efficiently with clients whose most precious commodity is their time.



HG: Who or what inspires you?

RG: The belief that a person’s surroundings directly influences their quality of life.



G: Where is your happy place?

RG: Anywhere near the water brings me joy. Whether it’s the Amalfi coast or my my recent trip to the Adriatic coast in Croatia, I  find immense peace and comfort in the simplicity of a landscape or vista, and in the sounds of daily life.



HG: What’s your favourite part of the design process?

RG: Every stage of the process has rewarding moments for me but ultimately the execution where we turn our design concepts into reality is always a thrill. I love watching the excitement in the client’s eyes when they see their newly transformed home that was designed specifically for them.


HG: Favourite room in the house?

RG: There’s a reason why kitchens are dubbed the heart of the home. This is where we spend time with family and friends, where memories are made. A great kitchen is a reflection of the priorities and personalities of those who live there.


HG: Styling tip?

RG: Making the perfect bed! There’s nothing better than to retreat and recharge in a space that was designed just for you. A well-curated bed helps create this state of mind and begins with high-quality, comfortable linens and the right combination of pillows. I always ensure there are pillows for sleeping, supportive pillows for reading and a couple for décor.



HG: Best entertaining tip?

RG: Unless you’re running a Michelin-starred restaurant, your guests are there to spend time with you. Plan ahead so you can enjoy your time with them. Keep things easy with tried and true recipes that can be made in advance. Set the mood with fresh florals and dimmed lighting. And my favourite, create a sense of occasion with a signature welcome drink. Don’t forget to keep the energy high with a great playlist!